Daily Standup March 6, 2017: Beta Websites, Book Swap and Taxes.

I like having standup meetings when I’m on a team. I think it can keep you focused on the goals of the day, help avoid conflicts and provide a nice paper trail for what you’ve been doing. This is a standup update for my solo side projects – think of it as an open source personal accountability hack.

Wednesday through Sunday: Apologies. I’m still getting back in the swing of daily updates. Let’s review the end of last week.

Wednesday was primarily dedicated to prospective client meetings. I discussed two potential scenarios with a pair of prospects. Also was able to get my first haircut since the neck surgery and it feels awesome.

On Thursday I had lunch with a friend and discussed a bunch of stuff. Afterwords I headed to a coffee shop and actually got some great work done on the Philly CocoaHead site. It’s now hosted on Amazon S3 (preview release) and I’m doing what I can to knock out some final things or at worst document them in GitHub issues for future consideration. I plan to do a show and tell at the upcoming meeting to show the site off.

On Friday I had more prospective client calls and cleaned up the home office a bit. Also did some more Elixir reading. I think at this point I’m going to put the language book down and jump into the Programming Phoenix book so I can get some real world hands on time building something of value. With luck I’ll enjoy that and want to finish the language book to complete my knowledge set. Finally on Friday I spent some more time on company naming. I’m going to make a new LLC to own my upcoming Mac product and other things. I have an appointment with my accountant and would like to finalize the names so I can do some paperwork. I think I have the company name and the product name done. Like always, naming continues to be really hard.

On Saturday I zoned out with some gaming and rest. Sunday consisted of apartment cleaning and tax preparation. I’d say I’m 85% done the tax prep. Will do some more Monday night.

Today: Today, starts with some family business, a funeral for an old family friend. I’ll pay my respects and then head to the bank to take care of some unrelated paperwork. In the afternoon I’d really like to get some heads down time on my Mac app and in the evening finish my tax prep work.

With all of the open threads going on in my life I’ve also come to recently reboot my OmniFocus install/setup to get a handle on things. I’m still in triage mode but hopefully it will payoff. My biggest issue with OmniFocus and GTD in general continues to be the balancing of documenting everything verses focusing on the goals of the short term. I welcome your feedback on that if you have any.

Blockers: None.

Thanks for your interest!

~ Mike

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