Daily Standup March 1, 2017: Haircuts and Circle CI repo Inception Problems

I like having standup meetings when I’m on a team. I think it can keep you focused on the goals of the day, help avoid conflicts and provide a nice paper trail for what you’ve been doing. This is a standup update for my solo side projects – think of it as an open source personal accountability hack.

Friday through Tuesday: I got sick over the weekend and was still really tiered so I wouldn’t consider all of these full days but here is my progress.

I continued to hack through using Circle CI for the deployment of the new Philly CocoaHead site. I was trying to use GitHub pages hoping it’d be simple but having the Hugo repo separate from the pages repo has caused some annoying issues. I’m now considering mirroring my blog here and hosting on Amazon S3 instead. We’ll see.

I did get some work done on my Markdown Parser for my Mac app. I swear I rewrite that thing every time I sit down. I really need to get it done and move on to other things.

Not done, was Elixir book reading. Just did not find the time.

Finally, on Tuesday I got my neck stitches removed. Healing looks good and I can finally get my haircut!

Today: Today, I’m working out of IndyHall and going to get my haircut! I’m also meeting up with a pair of friends to discuss some contracting options. Hope to meet up with at least one more person next week before working out my plans. Inbetween meetings I think I’ll continue work on the CocoaHead website. As I’ve said before I’d really like to ship that soon and put it behind me.

Blockers: None.

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