Daily Standup Feb 24, 2017: Circle CI Hugo Deployments and Markdown Parsing

I like having standup meetings when I’m on a team. I think it can keep you focused on the goals of the day, help avoid conflicts and provide a nice paper trail for what you’ve been doing. This is a standup update for my solo side projects – think of it as an open source personal accountability hack.

Yesterday: I worked more on the Philly CocoaHead website redesign. I got the blog section of the app working and also did some testing of the RSS functionality. In the evening I installed Elixir on my MacBook Pro prior to attending the local Philly Elixir Meetup. They had some great demos of using Absinthe to build a GraphQL API endpoint. In the evening I started work on getting Circle CI to automate the deployment of the Philly CocoaHead site. I think I may use GitHub Pages for now.

One other thing I did yesterday was ping a few friends with the app name I have in mind for my presentation app and my teaching project website name. Got favorable reactions to both, though more favorable to the Mac app one. I’d like to lock these down soon so I can start some legal paperwork.

Today: Want to finish the Circle CI stuff I started yesterday. Want to also make some progress and dust off my Mac Markdown work I had been doing in January. I also plan to keep reading the Elixir book. Maybe shoot for at least one chapter, maybe two.

Blockers: None.

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