Momentum Swings

Improving my time with smaller focused goals.

August was a tough month for my side project. Time was very hard to come by.

One big impact has been a collection of speaking engagements which have required significant preparation time. First was a debugging talk at Philly CocoaHeads and then an internal talk at Big Nerd Ranch on Setting Student Expectation through the Class Introductions. Finally I’m giving a presentation at CocoaConf DC, slated for next week, on Swift Code Patterns.

Another impact was vacation. I got to spend a week at the Jersey shore with my Mom and Sister. Had a lot of fun on the beach, by the pool and otherwise relaxing – but no side project coding.

Life distractions are inevitable, and when it comes to vacation, justified and good for the soul – but if I want to keep momentum on my side project I need to do a better job of making the small pockets of available time I do have be more productive. I need to remind myself that large open days to dedicate to the project are going to be rare and if this is to work out it’s going to be on the backs of these small work “chunks”.

This weekend is fairly open (outside of some needed practice time for my CocoaConf talk) so I think goal one is to revisit my Pivotal Tracker project board and break out some meaningful tasks that can be done in 10/20/30 minutes. Hopefully if I can get a series of smaller tasks broken down I can get some positive momentum going, even during the week when I have work obligations.

I’m sure I’m not alone in this challenge. How do you deal with other responsibilities fighting for your time and attention? How do you keep your momentum moving along? Let me know.

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