Developer Journal: Ep 2

Here is episode 2 of my developer journal. It went longer than I would have hoped (30 minutes) and I plan to shoot for more regular but shorter (10 minutes) episodes in the future. As for what is discussed, I talk about: Marketing plans and work 30x500 Academy - “What if I launch and nobody buys?” Just Fucking Ship Hey Creative People! Get your Year of Hustle Roadmap. App naming and naming tools Release Notes Podcast #169 Release Notes Podcast #28 United States Patent and Trademark Office Lean Domain Search | Find a great domain name in seconds Domains and domain email made simple - Hover New layout sketches New package format for save files Welcome to! [Read More]

Developer Journal: Ep 1

Funny enough, while this blog is all about my side project, I’ve been pretty coy as to what the project really is. Well today, the silence is broken as we try out a bit of a video journaling. Hope you enjoy. Let me know what you think. Rested Experience: Developer Journal, Ep 001 from Mike Zornek on Vimeo. [Read More]

Momentum Swings

Improving my time with smaller focused goals.

August was a tough month for my side project. Time was very hard to come by. One big impact has been a collection of speaking engagements which have required significant preparation time. First was a debugging talk at Philly CocoaHeads and then an internal talk at Big Nerd Ranch on Setting Student Expectation through the Class Introductions. Finally I’m giving a presentation at CocoaConf DC, slated for next week, on Swift Code Patterns. [Read More]

How to Kickoff a Software Project

I love the first days of a new project. I really enjoying breaking down the problems we are working to improve, figuring out the first pass of a user interface and starting a new project repo. It’s a great time to execute new code patterns and experiment with new project practices. Today we’ll explore some tips and recommendations regarding kicking off a personal software project. I’ve focused on personal projects rather than client projects to match the focus of this blog. [Read More]

Validating Product Ideas

In our last post, we covered Brainstorming Product Ideas and today we’ll look at ways to validate those ideas and figure out which ones deserve your time. First things first, be prepared to spend significant time validating, and validating multiple ideas. Remember, you are about to commit a meaningful amount of time to this project. You will miss family and friend time for this project. It would be good to know ahead of time what your challenges and risks are going to be. [Read More]

Brainstorming Product Ideas

A time comes when you want to start a new project but you aren’t sure what to work on. With luck you’ve been jotting down ideas as they randomly come you. For me I’ve long kept an file in my Dropbox folder. It was a great place for short notes and I could edit it from anywhere: my phone, my computer or even a random web browser. Eventually I moved onto Trello which had many of the same characteristics but more organization power. [Read More]

Drawing Your Treasure Map

Where Do You Want To Be?

Whenever you are making a big life change, such as rebooting a product company (like I am), it’s important to take a step back and define where you want to be and how this change is going to help you get there. Let’s call it a “Treasure Map” for blog/marketing flair. The Exercise 1. Take out some physical paper and a thick pen. I recommend doing this and other brainstorming exercises on real paper when possible. [Read More]

Product Development

I enjoy building products. I love taking my technical background and helping people not only get use out of their computers and devices, but find delight in the details of the process; enjoying, even at an unconscious level, all of the hard work and time that has been put into crafting a great user experience. My name is Mike Zornek and I’ve been out of the Product Development game for far too long. [Read More]